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Coronavirus Update 12/10/20

After a change of location, Abacus is now able to offer socially distanced face to face sessions. Please contact us on the Contact Page, to enquire further.

Welcome to Abacus Counselling and Support

Abacus Counselling and Support is a registered charity, providing counselling services to individuals, couples and families, in South Essex. Abacus has been successfully providing support to clients in Southend, since 2007. The service aims to support clients with a range of presenting issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, bereavement, relationship issues and family breakup. Abacus is a specialist in working with families, to help improve relationships and lead happy and positive lives. The service aims to offer a professional and high quality therapy which is effective, accountable and accessible to the community.

“Great service, excellent with helping me to adjust. Easy to talk to people, a major help to me.” WT, age 14

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